How To Choose The Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is a universal hair problem affecting both men and women of all ages. You can find different solutions developed by companies to resolve dandruff. Out of thousands of products that are available in the market as a solution to this issue, it is quite difficult to select the best one. Dandruff appears due to a number of problems. The most common  is the high concentration of pollution in our environment.

Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Before choosing your shampoo you need to understand your hair type. Oily hairs are considered more difficult for treatment due to specific scalp texture. These hairs look to be untidy even if you have just taken a bath. If this is your case, you should look for a number of products that can suit you and efficiently control the dandruff in your hair.

Oily scalp attracts more external particles to stick to it. In such a case, it becomes difficult to remove residues from the scalp. You should not use any kind of oil to treat the oily scalp as it will add to the unnecessary oily content to the scalp making your cleaning more difficult. You should use an anti dandruff shampoo to treat your scalp. There are some special shampoos available in the market for oily hairs. All of these shampoos do not work for everyone. If you know about the texture of your scalp and what your are sensitive to, then you can select the right product. There are two basic types of shampoos that can help you get rid of dandruff of your scalp.

  • Medicated shampoos
  • Organic shampoos

Medicated shampoos

Selenium sulfide containing shampoos usually work great on oily scalps. However, there are some disadvantages of this compound too. This compound may cause burning sensation in the scalp that must be reduced by the addition of any other chemicals. Light chemicals are used in medicated shampoos that ensure that your scalp remains fresh and free of any residue left by selenium sulfide when it reacts with the base of your scalp to remove the flakes. Psoriasis is a common problem that gives rise to dandruff issues. Salicylic acid is added to the shampoo to remove extra skin cells that are created by psoriasis. In this way, the cause of flakes  is eradicated.

Organic shampoos

These shampoos can be regarded as the best anti dandruff shampoo for oily scalps because of the presence of natural ingredients. There are no synthetic chemicals present in organic shampoos making them free from any side effects. These shampoos do not react with the skin but dissolve the flakes. It takes more time for these shampoos to act on the scalp but the results produced are permanent. You can use these shampoos without any prior recommendation from the doctor. There are no harmful ingredients present in these shampoos and hence, they are best to be used on oily scalps. You may find them in herbal stores.

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Unfortunately 90% of shampoos on the market contain ingredients bad for you

The following information is presented for you to make an informed decision regarding use of shampoos. This is not medical advice and you should always consult your dermatologist who is qualified to suggest the best products for you.

Remember that your scalp absorbs what you put on it and that includes the chemicals in shampoos. If you want to play really safe, you should not put anything on your skin you would not put into your mouth! But in practical terms, the following information should tell you to rinse well. Don’t leave residues on your scalp, they could be irritating and in rare cases even harmful.

Almost all shampoos on the market contain one or more of the following:

  • Sulfates: These are used to give the shampoo the slippery feel and to produce lather.  The most common sulfates found in shampoos are sodium lauryl sulfate, AKA sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), and sodium laurel sulfate (SLS). These are excellent degreasing agents which is why shampoo has a more powerful cleaning effect than say simple soap. But they also remove the natural oils of the scalp, so you’re inclined to produce more and you can enter a vicious circle. Moreover, there is a lot of controversy regarding sodium lauryl sulfates as  in higher doses it is used to clean engines! Really powerful stuff. Some producers mask this saying they use coconut-derived natural ingredients, which is true, but it does not mean it is totally safe and good for you.
  • Parabens: These are used as preservatives, both in the food and pharmaceutical industries. You usually find the word as a suffix, as in methyl paraben, propyl paraben or ethyl paraben. While these are considered safe, keep in mind that their primary purpose is to increase the shelf life of the product. There is some controversy regarding these products regarding a “yet to be proven” relation to cancer and the characteristic that they mimic the estrogen hormone. This has an adverse effect for men as it could reduce testosterone levels.
  • Alkoxyalkanes: These are fatty alcohol type compounds, you can find these in shampoos as propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol or isopropyl alcohol. These are used as cleaning agents and for their anti freeze properties. In higher doses, you find these in products used to clean monitors, keyboards etc. with a recommendation to use gloves! They increase the scalps absorption capacity so you are exposed to all the chemicals in the shampoo.

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