Good Anti Dandruff Shampoo Features To Look For

Most people think that an anti dandruff shampoo washes away flakes and that is it. In fact many shampoos on the market do only that but you should look for more qualities that are worth spending your money for. You should choose a good anti dandruff shampoo to permanently get rid of dandruff. There is a unique way in which an anti dandruff shampoo actually works.There are three basic roles associated with such a product. These roles the features you should look for in a good anti dandruff shampoo:

  • Remove the dandruff and flakes
  • Add the required nutrients
  • Supplement the scalp with medication

Dandruff Removal

Good anti dandruff shampoo features

This is the easiest thing that can be done by any anti dandruff shampoo. Almost all the shampoos are good at doing this. It has nothing to do with the structure and texture of your scalp when it comes to washing away the dandruff. All you need is to apply the shampoo on the scalp and rinse it with water. Do not keep the shampoo applied for more than a couple of minutes. You can wash your head with simple soap too and it will also remove the dandruff. However, the major role of anti dandruff shampoo is the nourishment of the scalp so that it does not attract the flakes that are formed when your natural scalp oil combines with pollutants.

Infusion of Required Nutrients

Once the shampoo removes all the dandruff from the hair, some nutrients must be added to the scalp. These nutrients are added in a certain ratio so that they do not exceed the required value. An excess of these nutrients is also not good for the hair and it may lead to some other problems like hair loss. A good anti dandruff shampoo is the one which has the right the amount of nutrients that is needed by the hair and infuse only that amount in the scalp. Importance of scalp is just like the importance of soil for the plants. Hairs take all the nutrition from the scalp, therefore, the scalp must be rich in nutrients that are added by the shampoo.

Addition of Medication

Only washing away the dandruff and adding some nutrients is not enough to keep dandruff permanently out of your hair. Dandruff may appear again if the required medication is not provided to the scalp. Some special medications are present in good anti dandruff shampoos. These medications are infused in the scalp where they form certain compounds hindering the dandruff to appear again. This is the complete scheme in which a good anti dandruff product must work. Lack of any of these features in a shampoo is enough to consider it a wrong choice.

If you are serious about getting rid of dandruff then it is your duty to purchase a product that is able to follow the above scheme. The medication in the shampoo must be in line with the needs of your hair and scalp. Wrong type of medication may have some side effects in the long run.

While these anti dandruff shampoo features are important, make sure you also read about which chemical substances to avoid in shampoos.

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  1. The best I have ever used for controlling my dandruff is the GKhair anti-dandruff shampoo. Sulfate free and perfect for restoring PH of the scalp. Really a very good shampoo to banish the pesky white flakes from your hair. Love it. 🙂 <3

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